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Tuesday, December 19, 2017 Brentwood


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Winter Week 11 - FOR THE LAST TIME! Please go to new website from New Year!

The Compasses won the last two pairs to edge out the Chequers 5-4 – Scott Hance & Lewis Hayes hit 180s… The Gardeners were victorious in the huge top of the table clash against Chelmsford SC, 6-3 – Steve Haggerty hit the highest finish of the winter so far of 138 to complete the third 12 darter of the season. Charlie Preston hit a maximum and Mel Sylvester a 100 checkout… Bentley Allstars beat 5-man (and then  4-man for the pairs) BMS Club 8-1 – John Costigan hit a 180 and a 14 dart leg, with Jack Phillips also hitting a maximum… BMS Eagles beat the Nags Head, who needed to use their first wildcard, in the deciding leg of the deciding pairs… The Fox & Hounds had a 9-0 success over Bentley Elite… The second whitewash of the night went in favour of Galley Enders, who only dropped one leg against the Brave Nelson. This match was played at Chelmsford SC due to Galleywood Social Club being unavailable… 5-man Writtle SSC won 5-4 at their nearest rivals the Rose & Crown.... Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Winter Week 10

BMS Eagles were victorious 7-2 away to Bentley Elite... Bentley Allstars won 8-1 at Charlies Bar - maximums were hit by Mark Pallett and Wayne Bloomfield and John Costigan hit a 112 checkout... The Gardeners defeated BMS Club by the same margin - Craig Vickers hit two maximums in his pairs match with Charlie Selby, with one contributing towards a 17 dart leg... Chelmsford SC beat the Chequers, who has to play a wildcard, 7-2 - Dan Gough hit a 180... The Compasses won the deciding pairs to win 5-4 against the Rose & Crown... The third 8-1 of the evening went in favour of Galley Enders against Writtle SSC - Jayson Barnes & Rob Adams hit the top score... The Fox & Hounds defeated the Brave Nelson 7-2 - Damian Partis with a 180.

Winter Week 9

Chelmsford SC remain top, albeit having still played a match more than the Gardeners, after winning 7-2 at the Chequers - Lewis Hayes and Senan Corry hit maximums, while Tony Rogan got a 107 finish... The Chequers beat BMS Club 8-1... The Gardeners whitewashed Charlies Bar 9-0... Bentley Allstars also beat the Nags Head by the same score - John Costigan and Dean James hit 180s... BMS Eagles survived match darts to narrowly avoid defeat to bottom of the table Brave Nelson, with the match going to the deciding leg in the deciding pairs... Five-man Writtle SSC won 7-2 at the Fox & Hounds to lift themselves off of the foot of the table, despite having to concede the sixth singles and play the last pairs with one player, due to them being unable to use a wildcard... The third 9-0 of the night came at the Rose & Crown, where Galley Enders were victorious - 180s were hit by Tom Meakins, Ryan Harrington and Rob Adams. Rob's came as part of an excellent 12 dart leg, which is the joint shortest this winter so far after Martin Compton hit one in Week 4.  

Winter Week 8

Bentley Allstars won the derby 8-1 against the Elite...The Gardeners defeated the Nags Head 6-3...Craig Vickers and Martin Compton with 180s and Jason Geraghty a 101 finish...The Chequers were victorious at Charlies Bar, 6-3...The Compasses left Ingatestone as 7-2 winners over BMS Club...Chelmsford SC got the better of the Rose & Crown by a 7-2 margin - There were three maximums on the night hit by Keith Bodimeade, Harry Smith and Matt Doe. Andy Kateley and Keith Bodimeade are forming a formidable pairing having hit their third short leg of the season already. On this occasion they hit a 16 darter...Four-man Galley Enders, who used their wildcard to their advantage, only dropped the one game against the Fox & Hounds...Andy Cole with a 180...BMS Eagles postponed their match at Writtle SSC more than a week before the match was due to take place. Therefore this match needs to be played by Wednesday 24th January 2018.

Winter Week 7

Chelmsford SC beat five-man BMS Club, who used a wildcard, 7-2 - Andy Kateley hit a maximum and was involved in two short legs. He hit a 13 dart leg in the singles and with Keith Bodimeade in the pairs, they hit an 18 darter… Charlies Bar raced into a 3-0 lead at the Compasses, but that was as good as it got for them as the home side won the last six matches without conceding a leg – Mark Smith hit a 180 and Paul Goodwin got a 15 darter… The Chequers won 6-3 at home to the Nags Head – John Wastenage hit two maximums… The Gardeners whitewashed Bentley Elite 9-0 – Craig Vickers with a 180… Bentley Allstars defeated the Brave Nelson 8-1 – Nick Partis hit a maximum… Galley Enders were victors overs BMS Eagles, 6-3 – Bob Elliott with a 180 as part of a 15 darter, Andy Hills also hit the top score, while Rob Adams got a 14 darter… The Fox & Hounds went away from the Rose & Crown with a narrow 5-4 win.

Winter Week 6

The Chequers won 7-2 at Bentley Elite... Chelmsford SC whitewashed Charlies Bar 9-0... Rose & Crown were victorious at BMS Club 5-4 having won the deciding pairs - John Morton with a 180 and Terry Harwood hit a 106 finish... BMS Eagles defeated the Fox & Hounds 8-1... Five-man Writtle SSC, without a wildcard available, were comprehensively beaten 9-0 by Bentley Allstars - John Costigan with a maximum and a 103 finish... The third 9-0 of the evening came at the Brave Nelson where the Gardeners were the winners - Nick Partis with a 109 checkout... Nags Head v Compasses was postponed at the weekend at the request of the Compasses due to a personal reason. This match must be played by Wednesday 24th January 2018 !

Winter Week 5

BMS Club came back from 4-2 down to beat Charlies Bar 5-4... Chelmsford SC defeated the Nags Head 8-1, dropping only two legs in the process - Matt Doe hit a 180 and Andy Kateley was involved in two short legs. He hit a 14 darter in the singles and a 20 dart leg in the pairs with Keith Bodimeade... The Compasses won 7-2 against Bentley Elite - Lewis Hayes with a 16 darter... The Chequers beat the Brave Nelson 7-2... The Gardeners conceded only three legs in their 8-1 victory over Writtle SSC - Mark Chapman hit a 110 finish... Galley Enders won all three pairs to scrape a win against Bentley Allstars 5-4 - Rob Donat with a maximum... BMS Eagles defeated the Rose & Crown 6-3 - John Morton with a 174 !

All please note that both Jordan's new website (see link above) & this website will run side by side until the end of the year, then Jordan's will take over... This website will remain for history purposes only!

Winter Week 4

Chelmsford SC won 6-3 at Bentley Elite... BMS Club won the last two singles in their 7-2 defeat at the Nags Head... Rose & Crown came away from Charlies Bar with a 6-3 victory... Bentley Allstars edged out the Fox & Hounds 5-4 in a deciding pairs - John Costigan and Olly Nye with 180s, with the former also hitting a 15 darter. Mark Pallett hit a 113 checkout... The Gardeners got the better of Galley Enders with a 6-3 success - Martin Compton with a superb 12 darter, which is the shortest leg of the season so far. Pete Wiffin and Ryan Harrington hit maximums and Mark Chapman finished on 100... The Chequers won 7-2 at Writtle SSC... The Compasses defeated the Brave Nelson 7-2 ! 

Winter Week 3

The Nags Head have continued their unbeaten start to their first IDDL winter season after winning at Charlies Bar 7-2... BMS Club beat Bentley Elite 5-4... Defending champions Chelmsford SC defeated the Brave Nelson 8-1... Writtle SSC played their wildcard in their 7-2 away loss to the Compasses... The Galley Enders won 6-3 at the Chequers - Ryan Harrington with a 177... The Fox & Hounds narrowly avoided a whitewash after winning the final pairs to lose 8-1 to the Gardeners - Des Vickers and Mark Chapman hit 180s... Bentley Allstars dominated the singles to defeat BMS Eagles 6-3 - John Costigan with a maximum !

Winter Week 2

Bentley Elite defeated Charlies Bar 5-4... The Nags Head maintained their winning start with a 6-3 home win over the Rose & Crown... The Gardeners opened up their campaign with a 7-2 victory at BMS Eagles - Craig Vickers with two 180s and Jason Bates with one, while Bob Elliott hit the shortest leg of the winter so far in 13 darts... The Fox & Hounds won 6-3 against the Chequers - Olly Nye with a maximum... Galley Enders defeated the Compasses 7-2 - Mark Careless with a 180 as part of a 15 darter... Chelmsford SC only dropped one leg in their whitewash of Writtle SSC - Mel Sylvester with a 16 dart leg... The Brave Nelson went home victorious, 6-3 over BMS Club !

Winter Week 1

Bentley Elite used a wildcard in their 5-4 home defeat to the Nags Head - Clinton Horne with a 105 checkout... Charlies Bar won the Warley derby 5-4 against the Brave Nelson... Writtle SSC defeated BMS Club 7-2... Defending champions Chelmsford SC beat Galley Enders 7-2 - Andy Kateley and Jamie Palmer with 180's, as well as 14 and 16 dart legs respectively... The Fox & Hounds were victorious at the Compasses in the deciding pairs, having come from 4-2 down - Fraser Bradshaw with a maximum, while Grant Gregory hit a 114 finish and Chris Boret got a 100 checkout... BMS Eagles won at the Chequers - Jason Bates with a 180, John Wastenage with a 16 dart leg. Bob Elliott & Pete Shea also hit a 19 dart leg in the pairs... Bentley Allstars won all three pairs to register a 5-4 success at the Rose & Crown - Terry Goddard with a maximum !

* See Rule 6 & 7 under Format section of Rules for how to play Wildcards!  Note! All Singles must be played whether playing a wildcard or not, no player can be given a 2-0 win under any circumstances!

Presentation Night! A really disappointing turn-out, with so many wanting the night to be on a Friday instead of a Thursday, there were less than 50 people in the hall!
Many teams didn't even bother to send at least one represenative to pick up trophies, especially Writtle SSC & Nag's Head who had team trophies to pick-up as well as competition trophies & medals... The raffle was well supported by those present, but we still made a loss mainly due to lack of numbers, therefore the 2016/17 winter & summer season's finance's lost £50.37... Many thanks to Pete Shea & Adam Miller who sold raffle tickets, to Sue Kateley for folding the tickets & conducting the draw; also thanks to the committe members who helped set-out the trophies (Jordan), set-up the oche's (Senan) and conduced the draw for the Blind Draw Pairs (Matt)... There were some interesting pairings, and Jason Bates & Alan Green were the winners with Bob Elliott & Olly Nye the runners-up...
Click here for results...
Although I'm around for another season and next September / October will be my last hosting the presentation night, you need to decided on what you want in the future, because there were so many trophies & medals that players didn't really want, but when I gave every team secretary & captain the chance to cancel 5-weeks prior to presentation, no-one except BMS Eagles and Fox & Hounds replied to my e-mail; therefore I had no choice other than to purchase all trophies... If you don't want trophies, or in fact, if you don't want a presentation night then you need to let the committee know; at the AGM, everyone was up for a blind draw pairs competition & a Friday night, last night didn't prove this!  The actual time to set-up was 75 minutes, when we got the cupboard key & the presentation itself only took 30 minutes... It should be a night of celebration and a chance to all get together and have a laugh !